• Tap-in does not exist in the market, which means that the brand that implements it, expresses innovation in the development of its products. 
• Tap-in helps brand placement in the countries that it is being implemented. 
• Tap-in is an added value that encourages the purchase of the product.
• Tap-in helps to identify the authenticity of the product avoiding a significant percentage of counterfeiting.
Tap-in cancels re-packaging by keeping the product in its original packaging while maintaining a brand positioning. 
Tap-in provides better user experience than the original package.


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Válvula dosificadora universal


• It best guarantees the conservation of the product by isolating it from external factors such as water, air, etc.
• It facilitates product dosage and use.
• Saves by avoiding waste.
• Keeps the spaces where the product is stored clean.
• It is hygienic and economical.
• Avoid buying storage utensils for different products.
• It is easy to install to the packages.
• It adapts to any presentation (250 grms - 50kg).
• It is of practical use for consumers.
• It is reusable.
• Tap-in is totally innovative and unique.